Money is power, and everything has a price.  By day, Bianca Dawson is a gorgeous, genetically modified chemist on the arm of one of the most powerful men in the Assembly.  By night, she works for the Contention, building bombs and driving hackers, thieves, and arsonists to their sites of sabotage.  But after years of lies, manipulation, and genetic alterations, Bianca’s no longer sure who she really is.
Bianca must decide how far she’s willing to go to undermine the corrupt, oligarchical government.  She must walk the line of deceit, hiding in plain site and using the Assembly’s own resources against them.  She must choose who to sacrifice as she tries to find her lover, imprisoned by the Assembly years ago.  Ultimately, Bianca must ask herself if all of this is worth it if it means losing herself in the process.


**Not yet published***