Review: Starship Troopers

Hi, all!

I just finished Starship Trooper by Robert Heinlein, and I’m excited to share my thoughts.

At the library a few weeks ago, I picked this book off the shelf for 3 reasons:

  1. Robert Heinlein is a science fiction legend.  I loved The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.
  2. It’s a Hugo Award Winning novel, and I gotta be working on that bucket list.
  3. I’ve been making my way through John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series, and that was heavily influenced/inspired by Starship Troopers.

When I saw it on the shelf, I decided to take a break from everything else I’d planned on reading.  Here’s what it was like for me.

Starship Troopers wasn’t out of this world.  It was pretty intense military sci-fi.  It was slow at times.  There weren’t many characters, and since I didn’t really connect with the main character, it was kind of hard to care at times.  It also had what some would argue as racist themes, but I disagree.  (We can talk about why some time if you want; maybe that will be a separate blog post some day.)

All that aside, I still enjoyed reading Starship Troopers – for completely nostalgic reasons.  I originally picked up the book because it had inspired books that I’ve been reading lately.  And you could definitely tell, in all the best ways.  It was fun to read a book where much of the military science fiction that I like was birthed.

While it wasn’t my type of science fiction and I probably won’t read it again, Heinlein paved the way for John Scalzi, Orson Scott Card, and so many others.  And I’m so grateful that he did.


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