Review: The Last Colony

Oh my word.  I finished reading this a couple of weeks ago, and I just realized that I never shared this review.  That’s what a week in Colorado will do to you, I guess… excuses, excuses.

Ok.  Here goes.

The Last Colony by John Scalzi is book three in his Old Man’s War series (you can check out my review of book two here) which I love.  It’s face-paced, funny, and easily accessible.  It’s military science fiction that doesn’t get bogged down in the science and technology.  I highly recommend the OMW series for non-science fiction readers who want to give the genre a shot.

Book three definitely did not disappoint.  We get to see some old, beloved (by me, anyway) characters in new circumstances.  We get to see important relationships development – complicated marriages, teenagers and parents, commanding officers giving questionable orders.  So much believable internal and external conflict.

Not only that, but Scalzi is back with some huge questions: is it right to sacrifice individuals to save a group?  Is right to sacrifice a colony to save humanity?  Is it right to sacrifice humanity to save hundreds of other sentient species?…  Dang.

Throw in a healthy mix of duty, politics, and outsmarting the bad guy when you’re outgunned, and that is The Last Colony.

I’m excited to read the rest of the series, though I am sad to report that books four, five, and six move on from my favorite characters.  Scalzi, I’m sure, has many more worthwhile stories in this universe, though.  So I’m not THAT sad.


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