It’s Sequel Time – NaNoWriMo 2016

Hey all!

It’s been a week since my last post – which is way too long in my opinion.  Just so you know, I have two book reviews in the hopper: Xenocide by Orson Scott Card and In the Labyrinth of Drakes by Marie Brennan.  Be looking for both of those soon.

One of the main reasons those reviews are delayed is that I’ve been writing.  Just telling you that puts a big smile on my face.  The past month or so after putting the finishing touches on Bombshell and sending off queries to literary agents, I’ve been working hard to finish The Legend of Elliot Major – the novel that I wrote last NaNoWriMo.  (Don’t know what NaNo is?  Keep reading!)

While I hit my word goal last November with Elliot, I hadn’t written all of the scenes that I had planned, but I put it down as soon as the month was over to revise and edit Bombshell.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I’ve been working on The Legend of Elliot Major, and it’s almost done.


There’s going to be a sequel!  As I worked on the story last year, I had a hunch there might be more somewhere inside of me, and the closer I get to finishing Elliot Major, the more sure I am.

So.  Without further ado, I’m excited to announce that I will once again participating in NaNoWriMo.nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participant

That means that I’ll be taking the month of November to try to pump out 50,000 words.  The goal is to get the story down on the page; let your inner editor go on vacation and get that first draft done.  You can work on your own or participate in the online community.  Find out more about it here.

I’m actually really thankful that I’ve had the past few weeks to write again after having been in revise/edit mode most of the year.  Writing new scenes has been difficult because I keep wanting to nitpick.  But it’s been getting easier, so I’m optimistic.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the sequel to The Legend of Elliot Major, here’s a little teaser:

It’s called Novodah’s Myth.

I’ll let you know more about it in the weeks to come!


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