Review: Safely Home

**Summer reading, book 13**

Safely Home by Randy Alcorn was given to me by my mother-in-law 2 years before she became my mother-in-law.  Cool.  I’m not really into Christian fiction in general, but I enjoy giving things chances.  And I’m a Christian so sometimes reading it is good for my soul.

For the most part,  I enjoyed Safely Home.  It was encouraging, and it put a lot of religious persecution in perspective (not just Christian persecution, but other religions as well).  The story follow Ben as he travels to China for business and stays with his old college roommate, Quan, who is a Christian and is being oppressed by the Chinese government.

Ben used to profess Christianity but since the death of his son has decided against it.  Quan had dreams of being a college professor, but since he professes that Christ is the only way to heaven, the Chinese government won’t let him.  Both men are going through very real trials, and I think Alcorn does a good job of diving into both of those things.

Honestly, though, the book was much too long for me, and it felt like much of the dialogue was unrealistic.  It also felt very one-sided: the Christian was always right and always had something spiritual to say.  Definitely not realistic.  So yeah, I wasn’t crazy about this one.  But I’m glad that I read it nonetheless.


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