Camp NaNo – July 2016: Update #1

July is absolutely flying by, friends.  I’ve continued tackling my summer reading list, AND I’ve been participating in the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo.  If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, check out this post.  Or their website.

For this session of Camp, I’m still working on Bombshellmy science fiction work in progress.  It’s the same project as last Camp (in April), but this has been SO different and SO good.

Just like in April, I’ve been logging my hours spent revising, and I’m happy to say I’m right on track!  I’ve spent the past 20 days re-working my story (actually, I’ve been doing this since April…).  I’ve made some big changes: plot-wise, narration-wise, and character-wise.  And I think the story is so much better for it.

AND: big news.  I just wrapped up my third draft!  WHAT.  Here’s the play-by-play for those of you just joining us.

  • I wrote Bombshell from June-September of 2015.
  • I spent a few months editing it then sent it to my writer’s group.
  • I’ve been busy considering and implementing their feedback.
  • I just finished up the last page of draft 3 (or what I mostly refer to as draft 2.5; my first round of edits weren’t that major.  But I also don’t want to sell myself short.)
  • Draft 3 will be in the hands of some more critique friends soon.

So now you’re completely caught up.

For the remainder of Camp NaNo, I’ll be re-reading Draft 3, focusing on grammar issues, sentence structure, etc.  I also might use some of that time to write a synopsis to be used in later queries (!!) since I finally have the plot where I like it.

Anyway, that was a big update.  I’m bummed I haven’t been posting much, but this month I’ve really gotten a fire under my butt to revise well, and I’ve been spending so much time doing that.  But more books reviews are coming!



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