Review: The Mountains of Mourning

**Summer reading #7**

As you might have read recently, I have a new found love for The Vorkosigan Saga, so  I read this novella after finishing The Warrior’s Apprentice.  Shout out to my friend, Julia, for getting me the omnibus, Young Miles.  I’ll be reading The Vor Game sooooon!

“The Mountains of Mourning” by Lois McMaster Bujold was a very good read.  It had consistent humor with The Warrior’s Apprentice while still being fresh and unique.  And I was incredibly excited by the subject matter.

In this novella, Miles is sent to the back woods of his home district to help bring justice to a woman whose infant was murdered.  He’s not super excited about this, but his father sees it as a great opportunity, given the fact that the child was killed due to a birth defect.  (If you aren’t familiar with Miles Vorkosigan, he was born with many birth defects after his mother was poisoned while she was pregnant with him.)  That leads him on a journey to discover who’s guilty and who’s innocent, what’s just and what’s good, what’s good and what’s best.

He has to ask himself who the victims are and how to champion them, which is a question that I think is incredibly important today.  What makes a person valuable?  What’makes a person a person?  How do we who are seen as more important for nothing that we have done empower those seen as less important for nothing that they have done?

These are questions I’ll be thinking on for a long time, I’m sure.  If you’re also thinking about these things (or even if you’re not – because you should be), give “The Mountains of Mourning” a read.


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