Review: The Wee Free Men

**Summer reading, book 3**

(You might be wondering about summer reading, book 2.. it was Red Sector by Diane Carey and is book 3 of a 6-book series.  I’ve decided to just do one review for the whole series, so be watching for that in, say, 4-5 weeks.)

The Wee Free Men was a Christmas re-gift.  Some friends of mine were gifted this book, but since they already own 2 copies, they re-gifted it to me which I was just fine with.  It’s been sitting on the shelf, tempting me with it’s beautiful cover.

Doesn’t it just invite you in to join the adventure?

I don’t know why, but I’m loving this edition’s cover art by Jim Tierney.  It’s simple, clean, and pleasing to my eyes.


I’ve never read any Terry Pratchett, but a few of my writers’ group friends adore his books, so I was excited to finally check him out.

The first word that comes to mind when I think about reading this book is pleasing.  Plain and simple – it pleased my heart to read it.  The Wee Free Men were so endearing and funny and sassy.  The main character, Tiffany, was strong and independent and such a thinker – I’d love it if all the little girls I know read this book and were inspired by her.  The pacing was excellent, too – I didn’t get bored, and flashbacks and dreams were used SO well.  If this book is any indication, Terry Pratchett was a master story-teller.  (I KNOW, I KNOW.  I’m so late to the party.  Nearly everyone who’s read his work has told me this, but sometimes you just gotta find things out for yourself.  I’m just being like Tiffany Aching.)

But my favorite – my absolute favorite – was Granny Aching.  You only get to see her in memories, but I loved her spunk, how able she was, and how she cared for others in the only ways she knew how.  It made my heart happy and sad all at the same time.

Anyway.  I SO enjoyed reading The Wee Free Men.  If you like strong women, if you like humor, if you like adventure, if you like Narnia (it felt very similar at times in the best ways), read The Wee Free Men.  Heck,  if you are just looking for a fun, easy read, read The Wee Free Men.  And after you read, share it with the women you love.


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