Review: Roses and Rot


So sorry about the sparse posting lately!  I’ve been pretty engrossed in reading from my summer reading list (reviews to come!), and I’ve been inspired to continue revising Bombshell (an update on that to come soon, too!).

Anyway.  Here’s a fun story that I’m excited to share with you.

Once upon a time, a friend lent me a book that I waited a year to read.  Once I finally read it, I fell in love with it enough to write a fan letter to the author.  In order to do that, I contacted Subterranean Press, and they were super nice to me so I started following them on Twitter.  A few weeks later, they tweeted about a book giveaway that I entered, and I ended up winning a copy of Roses and Rot by Kat Howard. Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 7.57.34 AM Because it arrived in the mail before June 1, I could put it at the top of my summer reading list and not break any of my own rules.  And boy, am I glad I did!

Roses and Rot is a modern day fairy tale.  It draws you in, turns you on your head ever so slightly, and leaves you there hoping to be righted by the end.  (I can’t spoil it by telling you if that ever happens..)  The world Kat Howard creates is very believable and at times had me asking if I’d give up a year of my life for a creative residency (like the characters do) or 7 years for incredible success in my field.  Is it worth it?  For me, probably not.  But it sure made me want to put down the book and go work on my own writing!  Most of the time, I just kept on reading…

The story is very well-paced, the writing is beautiful, and the characters in Roses and Rot felt very real and were very endearing.  I especially loved the exploration of sibling relationships and the analysis of what a fairy tale even is.  I cried multiple times while reading and once I might have even punched one of the pages because I was so frustrated with choices a character was making.  Might have.

So.  If you like fairy tales, read Roses and Rot.  If you’re looking for a great story, read Roses and Rot.  If you’re a creative person, read Roses and Rot.  If you have a sister, read Roses and Rot.  There are so many other reasons to read it, too.  I can’t wait to gift this book to friends.


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