A Long List of Short Stories

I don’t read short stories.

I mean.  I have.  A couple.  Maybe at least 8.  But not many more than that.

I’ve written 3 short stories thus far in my life, and I’m really unsure about them.  What is a short story?  How does it work?  How do you tell an intriguing story in less than 50,000 words?  Less than 20,000?  Less than 1000?

I really don’t know.  And part of that has to do with what I confessed at the beginning of this post.  I just don’t read short stories.  I’m not sure why.  Part of it is that I love spending days and days in the same fictional universe, thinking about the same characters, plot, etc.  Short stories don’t really do that for me.  It’s the same reason I tend to prefer TV shows to movies.  I know I’ve missing a lot of great fiction because it doesn’t come in novel form.

Anyway, I have some more stories that I think would be best told in a shorter form.  And being the good student that I am (ha), I’ve decided to do some research.


All these books and magazines contain science fiction short stories because that’s the genre I enjoy the most, and that’s the genre into which my ideas for stories fall.  I’m eager to see how the authors tell their story in a shorter form – especially character development and world building.  HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DO THAT IN 8,000 WORDS?

Have you read a lot of short stories?  What works well?  What doesn’t?


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