Review: Storm Front

Storm Front by Jim Butcher had a lot of hype, and let me clue you into something about me – I don’t like hype.  If too many people like something, I’m skeptical.  That thing might be too middle-of-the-road.  It might be too.. I don’t know.. vanilla-y.  (Don’t get me wrong, I love vanilla.  But it’s kind of got a reputation, ya know?)  It might be too generic.

Or it might be awesome.  I can’t speak for all of The Dresden Files as I’ve only read book 1, but Storm Front was awesome AND vanilla for me.  Like maybe a really good crisp vanilla bean ice cream.    Or that perfect vanilla latte from Dunn Bros that always makes the day better.

Storm Front was a very quick read which I appreciated.  It made me laugh out loud multiple times, making my husband want to know what was so funny, to which I would reply, “Leave me alone; I’m reading.”  Or something like that.

I’m not an Urban Fantasy fan, but Jim Butcher makes it approachable and accessible, which I’m thankful for.  The world was believable and consistent.  The writing at times was a touch trope-filled for me, but I was warned about that and have heard that the rest of The Dresden Files is much better in that area.

I did have one issue with the book, though.  I wasn’t a fan of the way Harry Dresden interacted with women.  Every woman he interacted with was looked at through a lens of being a potential mate, and a lot of the dialogue had with these women was flirtatious and suggestive (both from Dresden and from the women themselves).

That being said, there were many women in the book – and all of them were very different.  Most were independent, strong, and highly capable.  So I was elated about that.  Also, I thought Butcher did a nice job of dealing with characters who were escorts – not a huge part of the book, but well done where it appeared.   I took notes for how to deal characters in similar situations for my own work-in-progress.

So overall, I really liked the book.  It was a good mystery (though a bit transparent), funny, and fast-paced.  So if you’re craving a delicious, moist, well-frosted vanilla cupcake, I’d highly recommend Storm Front.


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One thought on “Review: Storm Front”

  1. Great review, Jordan! Haha, I totally get what you’re saying about hype and vanilla-ness, but I definitely fall prey to that way too many times. You make some good points about the writing style. I can also see how reading about the same exact interactions with women each time would be a bit trying. Thanks for being honest! I’ve heard really good things about this one and will have to check it out coming from a trusted friend (:


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