Camp NaNo: April 2016 – I’m Done!

I just hit my goal for the April 2016 session of Camp NanoWriMo!  AHHHHHH!  And with 3.5 hours to spare 🙂


I haven’t updated about Camp NaNo in 2 weeks, but I’ve been plugging away at editing Bombshell.  There were days that I spent 2-3 hours editing and one day that I only wrote 36 words in 1 minute to add to my manuscript.  But I did it.

I plan on doing a debrief in a couple of days, but for now, here are some fun stats:

Camp NaNo: April 2016 Stats

  • I worked on Bombshell every day in April… except 2.
  • I finished with 30,005 NaNo revision words (it was difficult to count this but you can read more about what that means here).
  • My goal was 30,000 so I just made it.  But I had 3.5 more hours to work if I wanted.  I decided to stop and bake some bread and read some Dresden Files (be watching for a review soon!).
  • Bombshell started at just over 70,000 words.
  • I added A LOT of scenes.  These new additions (plus beefed up descriptions, dialogue, etc) (and minus the stuff I decided to cut..) added up to just over 15,000.
  • So Bombshell is now sitting at 85,000 words!
  • Plus, I filled most of my plot holes (we’ll see what my writers’ group thinks…), cleaned up the writing, and added some much-needed depth to a few characters.
  • There’s still a lot of revising to be done.


Anyway, be looking for more thoughts on Camp Nano soon!  Now it’s time for Jim Butcher and bread!


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