Camp NaNo: April 2016 – Update #2

I’m a week into Camp NaNo and revising Bombshell.  I’ve processed most of my writers’ groups comments and have been working the past few days to try to implement those that I think are a good idea, starting with the big world-building and plot issues.

As I re-read my first draft a few weeks ago, it felt like something was missing.  Or, well.. a lot of somethings.  But one particular something stood out to me – the big conflict between the Contention and the Assembly wasn’t really happening.  There was reference to the things that Bianca and others were involved in or heard about, but other than that, it seemed distant and unimportant.  I had the thought that adding a character – a higher up in the Contention that is in frequent contact with Bianca – could be a great window into the conflict at large.  The political conflict isn’t the center of the story by any means, but the characters care greatly about it, so I want the reader to as well.

I went to writers’ group the following Sunday, and one of the first things said to me was, “You need a handler.”  Not what I expected to hear – until my friend gave me context.  He had in mind exactly what I’d been thinking!  It was great to have that affirmation.

So, I’m working on adding 7-8 interactions between Bianca and her “handler” – he or she doesn’t have a name or gender yet, but he or she has been conveying some sweet information that’s making the other characters, myself, and hopefully future readers much more invested in the politically conflicted world that Bombshell is set in.  Yay!


Stats (as of 4/6):

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