Camp NaNo: April 2016 – Update #1

Pfeww, that post title is long and unappealing.  But hey, it’s informative, right?  1 out of 3 is actually pretty good (baseball season is here!!!).

This is day 4 of Camp NaNoWriMo, and so far, it’s been going pretty.. bleh.  For the most part, I’ve gone over the notes from my writers’ group and categorized them.  That was actually really helpful – some of their feedback was about my world-building and some was about punctuation.  There were positive and negative plot comments.  There were super specific suggestions and incredibly vague suggestions.  They’ve given me a lot to think about.

IMG_20160401_135651_655As of last night, I feel like I have my head wrapped around most of the comments, and I was able to make a list of next steps – I’m going to tackle the biggest plot, world-building, and character issues first.  I furiously wrote notes about each of these things before my husband got home from work last night.

I feel like I have a lot of work ahead of me (because I do), and I’m both excited and anxious about these next steps.  I was disappointed when I re-read my first draft – which I hear is pretty common.  So now I’m seeking to turn this novel into what I thought I’d already written – or something even better!  I’ll have to re-write some scenes, delete some scenes, and add some scenes.  I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

Sidenote: I’ve caused myself undue stress by worrying about how to track my progress for Camp.  Traditionally, progress is tracked by words written, but when you’re revising, it’s not that simple.  NaNoWriMo suggests counting revising time as 1 hour of revising=1000 words.  Another suggestion was counting words processed (if you revise chapter 4 and it has 1200 words, then count that many words – even if you delete some of those during revisions).  I’ve decided that every day will look different while revising this beast, so I may have to use a different metric each day.  When I’m revising and outlining, I’ll count time.  When I’m moving things around and re-reading and deleting and such, I’ll count words processed.  When I’m writing, I’ll count words written.  None of this matters too much, but I like to track my progress.  It encourages me and helps me to keep working.

My goal for Camp is 30,000 words.  I don’t plan on adding that many words to my first draft, but I figure 30 hours this month is a good goal.  I may re-adjust as the days go by.  So far, I haven’t actually written a single word, but I’ve spent almost 2.5 total hours working on my first draft.  Cool!  Progress!

Stats (as of 4/3):

2617 of 30,000


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