Review: I’ll Give You the Sun

This books was recommended to me by my good friend, Sarah.   But I didn’t read it.  Until what feels like fate happened.

OK, that was over the top.  Let me start over.

My good friend, Sarah, recommended this book to me, which I archived somewhere in my head.  Then, this same friend told me about a YA Powerhouse Panel that I should go to because I’ve enjoyed reading Sarah Dessen, and she’d be there.  Laurie Halse Anderson, Jandy Nelson, and Ruta Sepetys would be, too.  I went to the panel, taking my friend, Julie, along because she LOVES Sarah Dessen.  After that, I went on a Laurie Halse Anderson binge because I loved what she had to say (especially admitting her celebrity crush on Neil Gaimon).  I might write reviews of those books, but they were in my two month lull of creating a wedding.  But FINALLY I read some Jandy Nelson – I’ll Give You the Sun, to be exact.

Enough about me, and more about the book, am I right?


I’ll Give You the Sun is told by two narrators in two different times: Noah, 13-14, and Jude, 16-17.  They’re twins who were inseparable, but something happened when they were 13 or so that drove them apart.

So many people in this book are artists, and let me tell you: so if Jandy Nelson.  I LOVE what she does with words.  Seriously.  She makes the pages sing.  I was instantly drawn into Noah’s story, and while I wasn’t too crazy about Jude’s story at first, by the middle of the book, I was racing to get back to her chapters.

It’s a story about heartbreak, forgiveness, finding yourself, hiding yourself, and love.  And so much more.

I have a few qualms, but they’re the same for most YA books: some characters and events don’t seem realistic.  For example, how are these teens able to sneak out of their houses multiple time per week and never get caught?  Also, is anybody actually that eccentric in real life?  But, for the beauty of the story and the beauty of what Jandy Nelson has crafted, I easily was able to let that go.

9/10, for sure.


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