At Last.


I’m back.

You might not have even known that I left, but I did.  I haven’t blogged in over two months.  Maybe longer, technically, as I have two drafts of posts that are unfinished.  Is that considered blogging?  Probably not.


Anyway!  I’m back.  After over two months.  For a while, I was feeling disappointed.  I hadn’t been writing or editing or blogging at all.  I was barely reading.  I hadn’t been creating.  I wanted to be, but I just didn’t make the time or the give the energy.

But recently – a week ago? – I realized that I HAVE BEEN creating!  I co-created a wedding! Which took a lot of thought and planning and details and energy and time.  Definitely not a medium I’m used to – centerpieces, music, choreography of where people stand and when they move, etc.  Maybe creating the programs was up my alley, but the rest was a completely different world for me.

I’ll post about the wedding itself soon – especially once I get some pictures – but until then know this:

I’m back.  I’m married!  And I’ve been writing the past two weeks.  😀

All of those things feel great.





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I write. I read. I cook. I try to connect with people.

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