The Basics of Bombshell

In my previous post, I mentioned Bombshell, my current work-in-progress.  Here are some generic details about it:

  • Science fiction
  • Blurb: 40 years in the future, money is power, and if you can’t pay, you’re out of luck.  Bianca Dawson lives two lives in this world: by day, she’s a blonde beauty on the arm of one of the richest men in the city.  By night, she works for the Resistance, trying to piece together some sort of uprising against the Assembly’s hold on the people.  The line between right and wrong is unclear, and Bianca could very well lose herself as she tries to stay alive and right wrongs of the past.

Sounds cool, right?  Well, I hope so.

Since I’m also seeking to write about my writing on this blog, here are some writer-y details:

  • Started on July 27, 2015
  • Finished first draft on September 16, 2015
  • First draft was 70,000 words
  • I shared it with my writing group and got feedback.
  • I’m going to revise it during the April 2016’s session of Camp NaNoWriMo (read more here).

I’ve never revised any fiction that I’ve written (other than two short stories that are about 700 words each), so I’m hoping to share how that process goes on this blog.  Hopefully, if it goes well, I’ll find some beta-readers, then revise it further and further until it’s ready enough to query some agents.  I’m feeling optimistic, per usual!


Let the Revising Begin: Camp NaNoWriMo

Have you ever heard of National Novel Writing Month?  Every November thousands of writers all over the world sign up to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  Pretty intense, huh?  I’ve done it 3 times (and finished 2 times!), but this year, I’m trying Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time.  I’m both sad (writing retreats are cool!) and thankful (so much more accessible) that it’s not a “real” camp.

I’d never even heard of it (that I can remember) until this past summer – I missed it by a few weeks, though.  Basically, it’s very similar to NaNo: you do it on your own, writing whatever you want and interacting with the online community as much as you want.  However, Camp is different in that you can make your own goal.  Rather than shooting for 50,000 words, you can make your own word count goal.  Or (and this is my favorite part) you can have a different writing goal, like revising a manuscript or writing poetry or a screenplay.  You can choose to write nonfiction too (Nano’s schtick is writing a novel in a month, so technically it’s supposed to be fiction).  There are two sessions: one in April and one in July.  Check out more info here.

So.  I’ve signed up for the April session of Camp Nano, and I’ll be…. (drumroll please)…


What is Bombshell, you ask?  It’s a novel that I wrote last year.  I believe I started it in June and finished the first draft in September – then I rested up and wrote The Legend of Elliot Major for Nano in November.  I shared the first draft with my writers’ group and have received feedback.  Giddy up.

So, starting April 1st, I’ll be working on revising Bombshell, and I would love to share how that goes with you!  Be forewarned – the apocalypse is coming.  (Don’t worry: it’s not that kind of dystopian novel).



Review: I’ll Give You the Sun

This books was recommended to me by my good friend, Sarah.   But I didn’t read it.  Until what feels like fate happened.

OK, that was over the top.  Let me start over.

My good friend, Sarah, recommended this book to me, which I archived somewhere in my head.  Then, this same friend told me about a YA Powerhouse Panel that I should go to because I’ve enjoyed reading Sarah Dessen, and she’d be there.  Laurie Halse Anderson, Jandy Nelson, and Ruta Sepetys would be, too.  I went to the panel, taking my friend, Julie, along because she LOVES Sarah Dessen.  After that, I went on a Laurie Halse Anderson binge because I loved what she had to say (especially admitting her celebrity crush on Neil Gaimon).  I might write reviews of those books, but they were in my two month lull of creating a wedding.  But FINALLY I read some Jandy Nelson – I’ll Give You the Sun, to be exact.

Enough about me, and more about the book, am I right?


I’ll Give You the Sun is told by two narrators in two different times: Noah, 13-14, and Jude, 16-17.  They’re twins who were inseparable, but something happened when they were 13 or so that drove them apart.

So many people in this book are artists, and let me tell you: so if Jandy Nelson.  I LOVE what she does with words.  Seriously.  She makes the pages sing.  I was instantly drawn into Noah’s story, and while I wasn’t too crazy about Jude’s story at first, by the middle of the book, I was racing to get back to her chapters.

It’s a story about heartbreak, forgiveness, finding yourself, hiding yourself, and love.  And so much more.

I have a few qualms, but they’re the same for most YA books: some characters and events don’t seem realistic.  For example, how are these teens able to sneak out of their houses multiple time per week and never get caught?  Also, is anybody actually that eccentric in real life?  But, for the beauty of the story and the beauty of what Jandy Nelson has crafted, I easily was able to let that go.

9/10, for sure.

At Last.


I’m back.

You might not have even known that I left, but I did.  I haven’t blogged in over two months.  Maybe longer, technically, as I have two drafts of posts that are unfinished.  Is that considered blogging?  Probably not.


Anyway!  I’m back.  After over two months.  For a while, I was feeling disappointed.  I hadn’t been writing or editing or blogging at all.  I was barely reading.  I hadn’t been creating.  I wanted to be, but I just didn’t make the time or the give the energy.

But recently – a week ago? – I realized that I HAVE BEEN creating!  I co-created a wedding! Which took a lot of thought and planning and details and energy and time.  Definitely not a medium I’m used to – centerpieces, music, choreography of where people stand and when they move, etc.  Maybe creating the programs was up my alley, but the rest was a completely different world for me.

I’ll post about the wedding itself soon – especially once I get some pictures – but until then know this:

I’m back.  I’m married!  And I’ve been writing the past two weeks.  😀

All of those things feel great.